Research & Development (R&D) is responsible for developing innovative solutions and for managing AWL's product portfolio. We ensure that our customers continue to lead the way in a world dominated by technology, automation and robotics in the coming years. That is in our DNA.


We help customers so that they always keep their lead.

By following market trends, listening to our customers, using our common sense and our expertise, we can offer answers and solutions for the challenges with which we are all faced. We do this by carrying out innovation projects and by working on open innovation. For AWL, open innovation means that we actively participate and collaborate in innovation projects with customers, suppliers, partners, universities and knowledge institutes.

We are convinced of the necessity of innovation for a more viable future.

Autonomous Mobile Robots

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) use laser scanners and cameras to navigate freely, intelligently, and safely through an environment. They are useful in helping companies achieve flexibility in setting up their infrastructure. Applications for AMRs include the transportation of materials in automated factories or warehouses. Owing to their importance in achieving a Fully Automated factory, AWL investigates AMR applications in both internal and external production processes. AWL works together with customers to automate their material handling and flow - whether it is in warehouse logistics or container transport to our welding machines.

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We all know that the industrial market today is changing faster than ever; big ideas and requested business improvements. And with innovation, AWL finds an opportunity to achieve a higher level of value and productivity; we realize that data holds the key to optimal efficiency and performance. Data will drive your business improvements. AWL will enable you to boost your productivity by delivering machines with self-controlling and self-learning capabilities.

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As a producer, you want to get as much production as possible from your machines. But how can you best identify opportunities for improvement in your plant? And how do you ensure that performance remains on-track? These and many other questions can be answered with the available data from the machine. Lyla is a dashboard system from AWL that helps you to collect and evaluate this data, allowing you to capitalize on its value in the simplest possible way. Lyla is designed to guide you through each step of this process.

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3D metal printing

AWL has gained experience with printing metal components in 3D. We want to use this technology increasingly for the production and integration of complex custom components in our machines. This enables us on the one hand to offer customization, and on the other hand to deliver machines faster. AWL is investigating further possibilities for applying 3D metal printing in its machines.


The AWL GeoEditor is a smart application developed by AWL to facilitate the programming of robots for the laser welding of complex shapes. The GeoEditor makes it possible to load a complex shape from a CAD program. Optimizations and corrections to the movements can subsequently be made directly on the robot control panel. This shortens the programming time from several hours to just a few minutes. In this way, the GeoEditor delivers a shorter delivery time. Moreover, the GeoEditor simplifies the maintenance of the welding processes of our customers and increases flexibility in responding to process and product changes.

Augmented reality

With augmented reality (AR), virtual information is projected over the real thing. AWL is investigating ways of applying AR in machine building.

The first potential application of AR is now available as a demo. This application can be used to check whether the jig's cabling is in the right place, and whether it is in the way for the welding torches. AWL also sees augmented reality as a possible solution for smart maintenance by visualizing operator instructions.

Augmented reality

Augmented reality

In-line process inspection with laser welding

Safety components are often welded using AWL machines, such as car seat parts where the passenger is protected by the seat in the event of an accident. This demands a constant level of high quality. Our laser welding in-line process inspection is an automated quality control process, whereby during or immediately after the laser welding, a check is made whether the laser weld seam has been welded with the right quality. With the in-line process inspection, AWL ensures reliable production and demonstrable quality.

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