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Robot Controls Engineer

"I really love what I do and I'm nowhere near done yet."

Junior Robot Controls Engineer

I am a Junior Robot Controls Engineer, which means that a program that is writt en must actually work in the machine. You just go thus the written language to the actual production. What I like is that every day is different. You learn every day and you talk to different people every day. Even when there are problems I see that as a challenge: how are you going to solve that? I think it’s great that you can do that as a team. And it’s even nicer when your idea can actually be used for the solution. I’m so happy with what I do and I enjoy going to work every day. As long as that is the case, it doesn’t feel like work. In my profession, there is so much to learn and improve, and AWL is the perfect place to do that. The technical resources that are used here are fantastic. In the morning when I drive to work, I’m already busy thinking about the things I want to do that day. Besides that, the team spirit is very high and your opinion really counts. So I hope that I can continue to improve myself here, can learn things and can try new things. I really love what I do and I’m nowhere near done yet!

Maria dels Angels Ferrero | Junior Robot Controls Engineer

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