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Project Manager

"Sometimes you forget what cool things you are working on."

As a project manager I’m responsible from the moment the project is sold until commissioning. The final objective is that the customer says: “This is exactly the machine that I always wanted to have, I’m proud of this.” The pride that a customer has for such a machine must also be felt by the team during the project. We make nice solutions and the degree of automation that we can deliver is unique. We should certainly be more proud of that. My first project at AWL was an unusual experience from the start. It concerned a machine purchased by a new customer in Sweden. On the way there, the project leader called me to tell me that he himself wouldn’t be there due to a business trip. A colleague would take over for him. But if we had any questions during the commisioning, we were certainly welcome to call him. And we did. When I called him, I was thus completely surprised when he cheerfully told me that he was fishing! And he even sent me some photos right away. How strange, that you do something like that and in the meantime cancel our appointment, I thought. But in reality, it is very normal to go fishing at a business meeting in Sweden. Just like we Dutch go out to eat together, for example. You just have to know that.

René van de Meeberg | Project Manager

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