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PLC Controls Engineer

"There is no manual for our work."

PLC Controls Engineer

As Senior PLC* Controls Engineer, I am responsible for the entire controlling operation of the machine. Based on an initial design, I create the PLC program. The design includes everything that the machine must do, and I develop that further in soft ware. Think of robot controls, camera systems, welding equipment, or the human safety of the machine, for example. What I like about my work is that every project is new. You always have to deal with a new customer with a new request, whereby new things are expected of a machine. Certainly in my department Special Projects, the diversity of the projects is enormous. I am continuously busy with researching new techniques, trying things out, making mistakes, and solving them. There is no manual for our work; you have to think of it yourself. So the work is never routine. What I also like about my position is that I train the personnel of our customers. Those are, for example, programmers, the operators of the machine or people who maintain the machines. For these trainings you really get around. That makes the work even more interesting. Recently I visited a customer in the United States to solve problems with a machine. That’s cool. Is there a problem? Just go there, take your laptop and good luck!

Helmer van de Weg | PLC Controls Engineer

* A programmable logic controller or PLC, is a digital computer used for automation of typically industrial electro-
mechanical processes, such as control of machinery on factory assembly lines, amusement rides, or light fixtures.

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