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"I like the no nonsense culture and accessible atmosphere."


What I like about my job is that it’s very versatile. Every day you’re dealing with a lot of different people. You handle phone calls, arrange business trips, approve reservations, receive visitors, make orders for purchase, and so on. I also like the collaboration with so many colleagues and departments. The people at AWL really make you feel welcome and that you belong. I noticed that already on the first day. There is a ‘no nonsense’ culture, an accessible atmosphere, and you can actually walk into any room anywhere. And you’re involved in everything. What is also nice is that you have plenty of opportunities to further develop yourself. It doesn’t matter what it’s about, even if it’s the finishing touch, AWL offers us the opportunity to do that. I’m very happy to work here and I haven’t felt that as strongly at other companies. At the moment we are very busy with process improvement by looking critically at what we do. Can that be done more efficiently? Does this manner of booking of a trip, for example, work best? Actually, we are continuously improving. We also reflect on ourselves by taking a look at other companies. And then we already do things pretty well, I believe.

Bettina de Groot | Operator

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