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Mechanical Engineer

"Technology is constantly evolving."

Mechanical Engineer AWL-Techniek

I started at AWL in my last year of study. The project was about researching and improving an alignment machine for a skatemanufacturer. The improvements were so well received that AWL was able to produce a second machine for this customer. In subsequent years, I gradually grew into my current position. The engineering of the large Special Projects is a huge challenge. A question or project is never standard and it has a high engineering factor. You’re really allowed to think. What I have fond memories of is the start and development of the current Mechanical Engineering department. I experienced that firsthand. At that time, we began with three people and now we have around 10. I think that this also definitely contributed to the growth of AWL. Because you have the quality and knowledge in-house, you can also serve the customer more quickly. AWL is a company that has a high level of social involvement. People are genuinely interested in each other and ask how the other person is doing, also in their personal life. In addition, at AWL I may do the things that I prefer to do and that is working with technology. Technology is constantly evolving; you can always push the envelope and ensure that the seemingly impossible is technically feasible.

Albert Hoefakker | Senior Mechanical Engineer

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