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Business Development Manager

"This trip was the film ´Plains, Trains and Automobiles´ in real life."

Business Development Manager

My primary task is to sell the machines that we build here. What I like about this is that every project is unique and the composition of the machines is different each time. In addition, the industry is always changing and our competitors are not sitting still. That’s why it is enormously important to invest in the relationship that we have with our customers and to give them the confidence that we will take their worries off their hands. I always say: I don’t sell machines, but peace of mind. It’s also about granting something to someone, and that exists after you get to know each other better and longer. I enjoy that, investing in the relationship and in my network. A nice experience that I once had at AWL was a business trip that I took to Russia in 2007 with Piet, our former CEO. Do you know the film ‘Plains, Trains and Automobiles’? Now, that trip was the film in real life. Travelling through wintry Russia was an exceptional experience. Think of nighttrains, delayed plain flights and a crazy taxi ride. We regularly had to hold our breath. A tip: what you definitely shouldn’t do is tell a Russian taxi driver what he gets if he not only brings you to your destination but also on time. Imagine a taxi ride at 100 km per hour when it’s -30 and slippery!

Gerhard Junte | Business Development Manager




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