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AWL Tech Days a great success

04 August 2016

On June 8 and 9, 2016 AWL organized its ‘AWL Tech Days’ for the eighth time. Customers from all over Europe traveled to Harderwijk for a Lunch2Lunch meeting in which they were confronted with the question “What’s Next?”

The world is changing rapidly and all of us understand that it will have a huge impact on what we do in our daily operations. But what will the impact of the fourth industrial revolution be? AWL believes high degrees of automation and robotization will change the world as we know it, and sooner than you can imagine!

Attendees of the AWL Tech Days where provided with valuable inside information enabling them to adapt to all these changes.

From AWL there were presentations on hot topics from their R&D department regarding the future of HMI (Human-Machine Interface), interaction with collaborative robots and the Fieldlab Industrial Robotics, which has been opened as a testing and training facility. It also offers the opportunity for running pre-series for prototype parts.

Next to presenters from AWL there were also various guest speakers such as Siemens, ABB, Precitec, Festo, etc. Main topic was the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies and the endless possibilities.

One of the highlights of the Tech Days was the factory tour. Customers were given a tour of the various interesting projects in which AWL is now involved. Consider for instance a machine for the production of door frames, with which seven different variants can be made from 24 different components that can each be separately positioned. Another interesting project for general industry is a machine for the production and handling of switch boxes, which incorporates a new tracking system for scanning and following the welded joint. Also a number of automotive projects were shown, including machines for the production of rear seats and silencers. Finally the CTO (Configure to Order) principle was explained by showing modular welding cells which are used for the production of various different car seat elements. With these configurable cells AWL has developed a platform of standard modular components that are used as the basis for building custom-made machine versions. This provides a significant saving on engineering hours and eventually in costs too.

AWL looks back with pleasure on two successful, interesting and inspiring days! One thing is certain; AWL will be organizing this network event again in 2017.

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