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Office cabinets

Office cabinets

AWL has proven and tested concepts for the production of office cabinets. The high levels of automation, production flexibility, low cycle times and ergonomics for the operators characterize our smart concepts.

Durability, pleasing lines and an attractive price are essential when making steel cabinets. Manufacturers therefore aim for efficient production and joining methods. Our customers differentiate themselves from the competition with regard to product quality and price. Furthermore, production should be arranged in project and series-based specifications. Over the years, AWL has designed and built numerous automatic welding lines for office cabinets, filing cabinets and steel furniture.

Steel cabinets have to last a long time while remaining attractive to the eye. A good finish is very important when assembling steel cabinets. Therefore new welding techniques are being considered for production, including laser welding. Other requirements include a large production capacity and improved logistics. AWL has the answer to all this with its system solutions. The high levels of automation, production flexibility, low cycle times and ergonomics for the operators characterize our concepts.


  • Excellent (esthetic) product quality
  • Large diversity of product variants
  • Flexibility in manufacturing processes is required
  • Customers’ demands require short delivery times


  • Overall project management by AWL
  • Developed modules and proven technology mean ensured high uptime and reliability
  • Outstanding process and flow control
  • Flexible approach as a system integrator
  • Customized and sophisticated solutions (incl. all required processes)
  • One-stop shopping!



Bisley Office Furniture is a UK manufacturer of steel storage for the office.

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Konig + Neurath is an international supplier of complete ranges of office furniture, seating and room systems.

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Robberechts is specialised in designing, manufacturing and selling of office furniture.

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Lista manufactures drawer systems and other workspace equipment

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The Gispen Group BV is the second largest office furnisher and designer in The Netherlands.

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