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Direct suppliers of car seats have a dominant position in the automotive industry and are often considered to be the innovators in this sector. They are mainly the ones who provide innovation in respect of weight reduction, design trends, range flexibility and modular seating.

AWL has many years of experience in the design, engineering and building of welding equipment for seat structures. Consequently AWL understands the challenges that go together with the production of seat components and the mechanisation and automation of new production series. Moreover, AWL has entered into several collaboration projects with its customers where it provides support at the product development stages. AWL helps to keep their customers ahead.

AWL helps by looking ahead

Weight reduction receives the highest priority with all the manufacturers. Not just because of legal requirements, but also for achieving cost reductions. The credit crisis has also had a substantial impact and the market has changed permanently, which has led to increasing pressure on cost prices for car seats. More intensive applications of laser welding, gluing and synthetic materials have been the result of this.

Increasing demand for comfort and flexibility has been another recent development. A good example of this is the three rows of seats where the second and third rows can be rotated and folded over, thereby providing flexible rear seating and extra storage space. Manufacturers are also offering flexibility in the form of adjustable seats – anything from a couple of simple adjustments, right through to models with a large number of adjustment possibilities. Furthermore, there is a trend making its mark on developments in this sector towards more spacious and flatter loading floors.


  • Large range of joining technologies
  • Delivery of ready-to-use products


  • AWL recognizes and understands the challenges the sector is facing
  • Partner for the latest developments
  • Excellent machine control and cell standards
  • AWL considered as one of the market leaders in seat structures for 20 years



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Opel is one of Europe’s largest automakers and founded by Adam Opel in 1862.

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