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Body components

Body components

The AWL welding machines are used for body components including cross members, roof frames, A, B and C pillars and side members.

The fuel consumption of a vehicle is, to a great extent, determined by the vehicle weight. The bodywork of a vehicle offers great possibilities for making fuel savings because it constitutes a major part of the total vehicle weight. The bodywork also plays an important role with respect to safety as it provides the physical protection between the passenger and dangers that arise during an accident.

Raising the levels of safety in combination with weight reductions would appear to be a contradiction, but developments in both areas can go hand in hand provided that the design developments, the materials and the joining technologies are applied in the correct way.

AWL's role in automotive body structures

The bodywork of a vehicle consists of various components, including amongst others the engine frame, sub-frame, door frames, roof struts and the bumper assembly. Each component is designed with specific requirements in respect of strength, stiffness and weight reduction.

AWL knows the requirements for these components, collaborates with the product design and manages the various joining technologies that apply. Our machines use state-of-the-art technologies so that our engineering and processing knowledge is worth more than its weight in gold.


  • The future of the automobile industry and that of automotive suppliers is determined by innovation.
  • Our product developments are based on innovative product designs
  • Application of new materials such as ultra-high-strength steel and synthetic materials.
  • Applications for various existing and new joining technologies


  • Joining and testing new designs and/or joining processes
  • One-stop shopping at a top-class system integrator
  • A partner that is able to attend to and support its customers all over the world
  • The development, construction, programming and commissioning of smart, reliable production solutions


Gestamp Automoción

Gestamp Automocion designs, develops and manufactures metal componants and structural systems for the automotive industry.

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Kirchhoff Automotive

Kirchhoff Automotive produces and supplies metal parts and hybrid structures for the automotive industry.

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Magna designs, develops and manufactures automotive systems, assemblies, modules and components.

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The core business of Matador B.V. can be subscibed as; non cutting applications for both metall tubes, constructions and metalsheets.

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Linde + Wiemann

Linde + Wiemann supplies car manufactures and suppliers with components and assemblies.

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