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AWL can look back on a very successfull collaboration with the parties listed below. Together we work hard to put technique on the map in the Netherlands. 

Platform Techniek

Platform Techniek is a collaboration between education and the labour market. With enthusiasm and passion for technology they offer youth the opportunity to discover for themselves that technical occupations at all levels provide many different perspectives.

Veluwe Portaal

Veluwe Portaal supports employers. They can contact them for all different questions in the areas of labour mobility and personnel. An important aim is the exchange of personnel. An employee who doesn’t have any work in one company, may fit perfectly into another company. This way the available skills remain within a particular region. Veluwe Portaal is also a centre supporting the business community in issues regarding sickness leave and occupational rehabilitation.

OBM Zwolle

OpleidingsBedrijf Metaal supports the metal industry with all education matters in region Zwolle. OBM is an initiative of the 'Koninklijke Metaalunie' and education foundation OOM. Every OBM is founded by local companies.

Laser Applicatie Centrum (LAC)

The Laser Applicatie Centrum (LAC) supports businesses that process materials using lasers. Customers can access high quality knowledge and/or products that are fully adapted to their requirements, and with short delivery times and competitive prices.

Nederlands Instituut voor Lastechniek (NIL)

A lot of knowledge has been gathered over the last few years thanks to the large number of research projects carried out together with businesses and the government. NIL makes this knowledge available to anyone who is interested. Therefore, NIL organizes seminars, symposiums, open days, etc, and also distributes many brochures, information sheets and articles regarding welding technology.

Together with NIL and LAC, AWL has ensured the introduction of laser welding certification.


The I-RAMP³ consortium consists of 12 scientific and industrial partners from 6 European countries representing companies and research institutes. The objective is to create solutions in order to improve competitiveness in the industrial sector, the result being a new concept for significant acceleration of a machine’s ramp-up process. AWL became a participant in the European I-RAMP³ project on 1 October, 2012.


Smart Industry

Smart Industry staat voor het versnellen van digitalisering van productieprocessen en klantrelaties. Met behulp van ict wordt produceren efficiënter, goedkoper met betere kwaliteit en meer maatwerk. Deze verandering zorgt voor toename van export, werkgelegenheid en verdienkracht nu en in de toekomst. Nederland heeft al veel in huis, maar meer bedrijven moeten haast maken om hun productie en hun mensen aan te passen op de veranderingen van de digitale revolutie.


 Smart Industry Oost-Nederland

Smart Industry is about the revolutionary integration of ICT and advanced technologies in industrial production. The region East Netherlands has many opportunities to develop new products and services with smart factories and smart objects in a smart environment. BOOST is the action agenda for Smart Industry in eastern Netherlands. BOOST allows the eastern Netherlands to be ready for Smart Industry. It contributes to strengthening the international competitiveness of (SME) enterprises.

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